Force Facebook To Show Your Full Youtube Video Image

Are you tired of Facebook forcing your video preview images into tiny squares in the lower left corner, like this?

Facebook's shitty way of displaying Youtube video default images

It seems that Facebook does this to its own users as vengeance against them for choosing Youtube over Facebook’s native video upload feature. Petty? Yes. But, it’s Facebook’s own fault. With Youtube, you have the largest video search engine in the world, your videos can actually be optimized for search engines, and you can actually make money off of your videos via ad revenue. Facebook shares none of these features.

There’s a simple way to fix this.

1. Log in to your Youtube account and go to the Creator Studio. If you don’t know how to get there, click your Youtube icon in the upper right corner of the page, and click “Creator Studio”.

Youtube Creator Studio Button

2.  Once you’re in the Creator Studio, click the Video Manager button on the left.

Youtube Video Manager Button

3. Now you’ll see a list of your videos. Click the Edit button on the video that you want to post on Facebook.

Youtube Video Edit Button

4. Next, click the Advanced Settings tab.

Youtube Edit Video Advanced Settings Tab

5. Under Advanced Settings, you’ll find “Distribution Options” near the bottom of the left hand column. Uncheck the box that says “Allow Embedding”.

Youtube Distribution Options Uncheck Allow Embedding

6. Click “Save Changes” at the top (or bottom, it’s in both places) of the page.

Youtube Advanced Settings Save Changes Button

7.  Now, paste the URL to your video in your Facebook status update box. It will look like this:

Youtube Video on Facebook with Full Size Preview Image

If it still doesn’t show up full size, that’s because Facebook caches your Youtube video info, and is still using the old info. Luckily, this is also easy to fix.

To force Facebook to see the new info:

1. Go to:

2. Enter the URL to your video in the address bar as shown below.

Facebook Developer URL Debugging Tool

3. Click the blue “Debug” button to the right of the address bar.

4. Scroll down and hit the “Scrape Again” button. You will now see this:

Facebook Developer Debugging Tool with Full Size Youtube Video Preview

5. You’ve just forced Facebook to retrieve the new info from Youtube.

Now, just paste your Youtube video URL into the Facebook status update box again, and it will definitely show up correctly with the full size preview image.

You’re welcome.

I learned of the “Allow Embedding” fix from Mech Tech on Youtube. Check out Mech Tech’s video on forcing Facebook to show a full size Youtube video image here. And tell him MIKAL sent you.

Oh, and, if you want to check out the film in the images in this article, here it is – Rock N’ Roll Parking Lot.